Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Location Description
hook_userpoints_info ./userpoints.api.php Return information about registered operations.
hook_userpoints_list_alter ./userpoints.api.php Allows to customize the output of a the users by points page.
hook_userpoints_list_transactions_alter ./userpoints.api.php Allows to customize the output of a the my userpoints page.
hook_userpoints_settings ./userpoints.api.php Provide settings for the shared Userpoints administration settings form.
hook_userpoints_transaction_after ./userpoints.api.php Invoked after a transaction has been saved.
hook_userpoints_transaction_before ./userpoints.api.php Invoked before a transaction is saved.
theme_userpoints_view_category ./ Theme implementation to display a userpoints category.
theme_userpoints_view_item ./ Theme implementation to display a userpoints item.
userpoints_access_my_points ./userpoints.module Checks if user can access their points - used via hook_menu().
userpoints_access_view_transaction ./userpoints.module Checks if a user has access to a transaction.
userpoints_action_grant_points ./ Rules action - grant points to a user.
userpoints_action_grant_points_form_alter ./
userpoints_admin_access ./userpoints.module Checks access for administrative functionality.
userpoints_admin_access_transaction_pending ./userpoints.module Access callback for approve and decline local tasks.
userpoints_admin_points ./ Provides an administrative interface for managing points.
userpoints_admin_settings ./ Menu callback for settings form.
userpoints_admin_transactions ./ Displays a list of transactions.
userpoints_admin_txn ./ Form builder for add/edit userpoints transaction form.
userpoints_admin_txn_submit ./ Submit function for userpoints transaction form.
userpoints_admin_txn_validate ./ Validate function for userpoints transaction form.
userpoints_block_configure ./userpoints.module Implements hook_block_configure().
userpoints_block_info ./userpoints.module Implements hook_block_info().
userpoints_block_save ./userpoints.module Implements hook_block_save().
userpoints_block_view ./userpoints.module Implements hook_block_view().
userpoints_confirm_approve ./
userpoints_confirm_approve_submit ./
userpoints_create_operation_autocomplete_label ./ Create a autocomplete label with highlighted search text.
userpoints_cron ./userpoints.module Implements hook_cron().
userpoints_date_to_timestamp ./userpoints.module Modifies FAPI date setting to timestamp.
userpoints_entity_info ./userpoints.module Implements hook_entity_info().
userpoints_entity_property_info ./userpoints.module Implements hook_entity_property_info().
userpoints_expire_transactions ./userpoints.module Finds and expires expired points.
userpoints_expiry_dates ./userpoints.module returns an array of possible expiry times to the administrative settings page
userpoints_field_extra_fields ./userpoints.module Implements hook_field_extra_fields().
userpoints_filter_form ./userpoints.module Provides a dropdown to filter by category.
userpoints_filter_form_ajax_callback ./userpoints.module Ajax callback for userpoints filter form.
userpoints_filter_parse_input ./userpoints.module Parse input and generate an values array.
userpoints_filter_query ./userpoints.module Filter a query according to the selected filters.
userpoints_get_categories ./userpoints.module Returns an array of possible categories, suitable for inclusion in FAPI.
userpoints_get_current_points ./userpoints.module Get current points of a user.
userpoints_get_default_expiry_date ./userpoints.module Determines the correct default expiration date.
userpoints_get_default_tid ./userpoints.module Wrapper function to return the default tid via API call
userpoints_get_info ./userpoints.module Returns information about point-providing modules and operations.
userpoints_get_list_header ./userpoints.module Returns the header array definition for userpoints listings.
userpoints_get_list_row ./userpoints.module
userpoints_get_max_points ./userpoints.module Gets the number of maximal points of that user.
userpoints_get_points_list ./userpoints.module Returns a render array that displays the points and action links.
userpoints_get_transaction_header ./userpoints.module Returns a table header for a transaction listing.
userpoints_get_vid ./userpoints.module Returns the Vocabulary ID (vid) used by userpoints for categorization.
userpoints_grant_points ./userpoints.module Grant a user points.


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