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README.txt README.txt Copyright 2005-2008 Description ----------- The userpoints and userpoints_nc module provides the ability for users to gain points with the do certain actions, such as: - posting a node (different points can be awarded for different … Admin menu callbacks for userpoints.module.
userpoints.api.php userpoints.api.php API documentation for userpoints.module
userpoints.css userpoints.css div.userpoints-view-transaction ul.userpoints-links { padding-left: 0; } div.userpoints-view-transaction ul.userpoints-links li.first { padding-left: 0; } div.block-userpoints div.userpoints-total { margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom:… name = Userpoints description = Userpoints core: API module for recording points for other modules. package = Userpoints core =…
userpoints.install userpoints.install Install time hook userpoints module.
userpoints.module userpoints.module Menu callbacks for userpoints.module. Theme functions for userpoints.module Contains the UserpointsTransaction and related classes. This defines views hooks for the Userpoints module. It will be loaded automatically as needed by the Views module.
userpoints_api.test tests/userpoints_api.test Contains test classes for userpoints module. ; $Id name = Userpoints rules integration description = Provides integration of Userpoints with rules dependencies[] = userpoints dependencies[] = rules package = Userpoints core = 7.x files[] files[]=userpoints_rules.test
userpoints_rules.module userpoints_rules.module Rules integration for the user points module. Provide better integration into the rules group
userpoints_rules.test userpoints_rules.test Tests for Userpoints Services integration. Callbacks and access callbacks for userpoints services integration. name = Userpoints Service description = Exposes userpoints functionality via XML-RPC package = Userpoints dependencies[] = userpoints dependencies[] = services core = 7.x files[]=userpoints_service.test
userpoints_service.module userpoints_service.module
userpoints_service.test userpoints_service.test Tests for Userpoints Services integration. views/ views/ views/

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