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Namesort descending Type Namespace Location Description
UserpointsAdminTestCase class tests/userpoints_api.test Administration UI tests
UserpointsAPITestCase class tests/userpoints_api.test API Tests.
UserpointsBaseTestCase class tests/userpoints_api.test Userpoints base test class with various helper functions.
UserpointsChangeException class ./ This exception is thrown when a pr{ "rules_userpoints_transaction_after_test_rule" : { "LABEL" : "Userpoints Transaction After Test rule", "PLUGIN" : "reaction rule", "REQUIRES" : […
UserpointsGrantPointsTestCase class tests/userpoints_api.test API Tests.
UserpointsInvalidArgumentException class ./ Thrown when trying to set a property to an invalid value.
UserpointsInvalidPropertyException class ./ This exception is thrown when trying to access an unknown property through the magic UserpointsTransaction::__get() method.
UserpointsRulesTestCase class ./userpoints_rules.test
UserpointsServiceTestCase class ./userpoints_service.test
UserpointsTransaction class ./ A Userpoints transaction.
UserpointsTransactionController class ./userpoints.module Userpoints transaction controller.
UserpointsTransactionIncompleteException class ./ Thrown when trying to save a transaction without points, uid or operation.
userpoints_views_handler_argument_category class views/ Argument handler to accept a userpoints category.
userpoints_views_handler_field_category class views/ Field handler for categories.
userpoints_views_handler_filter_category class views/ Filter by category

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