A translator plugin integrates a translation service.

To define a translator, hook_tmgmt_translator_plugin_info() needs to be implemented and a controller class (specified in the info) created.

A translator plugin is then responsible for sending out a translation job and storing the translated texts back into the job and marking it as needs review once it's finished.



./tmgmt.api.php, line 167
Hooks provided by the Translation Management module.


Namesort descending Location Description
hook_tmgmt_translator_plugin_info ./tmgmt.api.php Provide information about translator plugins.
hook_tmgmt_translator_plugin_info_alter ./tmgmt.api.php Alter information about translator plugins.
tmgmt_job_settings_custom_handling ./tmgmt.module Determines if job settings of the translator will be handled by its plugin.
tmgmt_provide_remote_languages_mappings ./tmgmt.module Determines if the translator plugin supports remote language mappings.
tmgmt_translator_access ./tmgmt.module Access callback for the translator entity.
tmgmt_translator_auto_create ./tmgmt.module Auto creates a translator from a translator plugin definition.
tmgmt_translator_busy ./tmgmt.module Checks whether a translator with a certain name is busy and therefore can't be modified or deleted. A translator is considered 'busy' if there are jobs attached to it that are in an active state.
tmgmt_translator_create ./tmgmt.module Creates a translator entity.
tmgmt_translator_exists ./tmgmt.module Checks whether a translator entity with the supplied name already exists.
tmgmt_translator_labels ./tmgmt.module Returns a list of all available translator labels.
tmgmt_translator_labels_flagged ./tmgmt.module Returns a list of flagged translator labels. If a translator is not available it will be suffixed with a short text explaining why it is not available. This can either be because the configuration of the passed job is not supported or because the…
tmgmt_translator_load ./tmgmt.module Loads a translator based on the name.
tmgmt_translator_load_available ./tmgmt.module Loads all translators that are available and, if a translation job is given, support translations for that job with its current configuration.
tmgmt_translator_load_multiple ./tmgmt.module Loads multiple translators based on their name.
tmgmt_translator_plugin_controller ./tmgmt.module Determines the controller class for a given service plugin.
tmgmt_translator_plugin_info ./tmgmt.module Determines all available service plugins.
tmgmt_translator_plugin_labels ./tmgmt.module Returns an array of all available translator plugins with the labels as values and the machine-readable name as the key.
tmgmt_translator_ui_controller ./tmgmt.module Get the ui controller class for a given translator plugin.


Namesort descending Location Description
TMGMTDefaultTranslatorPluginController plugin/ Default controller class for service plugins.
TMGMTDefaultTranslatorUIController plugin/ Default ui controller class for translator plugins.
TMGMTTranslator entity/ Entity class for the tmgmt_translator entity.
TMGMTTranslatorController controller/ Controller class for the job entity.


Namesort descending Location Description
TMGMTTranslatorPluginControllerInterface plugin/ Interface for service plugin controllers.
TMGMTTranslatorRejectDataItem plugin/ Handle reject on data item level.
TMGMTTranslatorUIControllerInterface plugin/ Interface for translator ui controllers.