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./simplenews.api.php, line 40
Hooks provided by the Simplenews module.


Namesort descending Location Description
simplenews_get_subscriptions_by_list ./simplenews.module Returns a list of active subscriptions for a given newsletter.
simplenews_subscribe ./simplenews.module Subscribe a user to a newsletter or send a confirmation mail.
simplenews_subscription_delete ./simplenews.module Delete subscriptions.
simplenews_subscription_save ./simplenews.module Save a subscription.
simplenews_subscription_update ./simplenews.module Update subscriber objects in the database.
simplenews_unsubscribe ./simplenews.module Unsubscribe a user from a mailing list or send a confirmation mail.
simplenews_user_is_subscribed ./simplenews.module Check if the email address is subscribed to the given mailing list.