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SimpleNewsAdministrationTestCase class tests/simplenews.test @todo: Newsletter node create, send draft, send final
SimplenewsHTMLTestingMailSystem class includes/ A mail sending implementation that captures sent messages to a variable.
SimpleNewsI18nTestCase class tests/simplenews.test Tests for I18N integration.
SimplenewsNewsletter class includes/ Class for simplenews_newsletter entity.
SimplenewsNewsletterController class includes/ Controller for simplenews_newsletter entity.
SimplenewsNewsletterMetadataController class includes/ Metadata controller for the simplenews_newsletter entity.
SimplenewsRecipientHandlerBase class includes/ Base class for all Simplenews Recipient Handler classes.
SimplenewsRecipientHandlerInterface interface includes/ Interface for Simplenews Recipient Handler Classes.
SimplenewsSendTestCase class tests/simplenews.test Test cases for creating and sending newsletters.
SimplenewsSourceCacheBuild class includes/ Source cache implementation that caches build and data element.
SimplenewsSourceCacheInterface interface includes/ Interface for a simplenews source cache implementation.
SimplenewsSourceCacheNone class includes/ Cache implementation that does not cache anything at all.
SimplenewsSourceCacheStatic abstract class includes/ Abstract implementation of the source caching that does static caching.
SimplenewsSourceEntity class includes/ Default source class for entities.
SimplenewsSourceEntityInterface interface includes/ Source interface based on an entity.
SimplenewsSourceInterface interface includes/ The source used to build a newsletter mail.
SimplenewsSourceNode class includes/ Simplenews source implementation based on nodes for a single subscriber.
SimplenewsSourceTest class includes/ Example source implementation used for tests.
SimplenewsSourceTestCase class tests/simplenews.test Test cases for creating and sending newsletters.
SimplenewsSpool class includes/ Simplenews Spool implementation.
SimplenewsSpoolInterface interface includes/ A Simplenews spool implementation is a factory for Simplenews sources.
SimplenewsSubscriber class includes/ Class for simplenews_subscriber entity.
SimplenewsSubscriberController class includes/ Controller for simplenews_subscriber entity.
SimplenewsSubscriberMetadataController class includes/ Metadata controller for the simplenews_subscriber entity.
SimplenewsSubscribeTestCase class tests/simplenews.test
SimplenewsTestCase class tests/simplenews.test @file Simplenews test functions.
SimplenewsUnitTest class tests/simplenews.test Unit tests for certain functions.
SimpleNewsUpgradePath61TestCase class tests/simplenews.test Upgrade test from 6.x-1.x
SimpleNewsUpgradePath62TestCase class tests/simplenews.test Upgrade test from 6.x-2.x
SimpleNewsUpgradePathTestCase class tests/simplenews.test

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