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Namesort descending Location Description
properties_admin_access ./properties.module Check access to an administration page.
properties_admin_add_more_js ./ Ajax callback in response to a new empty widget being added to the form.
properties_admin_add_more_submit ./ Submit handler for the "Add another item" button of a field form.
properties_admin_attributes_add ./ Form builder; Submit callback to save a new attribute and redirect to list.
properties_admin_attributes_add_another ./ Form builder; Submit callback to save a new attribute and stay on form.
properties_admin_attributes_delete ./ Form builder function; Provide a confirmation form to delete an attribute.
properties_admin_attributes_delete_submit ./ Submit handler to delete an attribute.
properties_admin_attributes_form ./ Form builder; Add/Edit form for attributes.
properties_admin_attributes_list ./ Menu callback; Display a list of attributes.
properties_admin_attributes_list_js ./ Ajax callback function to return the updated table.
properties_admin_attributes_list_submit ./ Submit callback, rebuilds the form.
properties_admin_attributes_list_submit_reset ./ Rset callback, does not rebuild the form.
properties_admin_attributes_save ./ Form builder; Submit callback to save an attribute and redirect to list.
properties_admin_categories_add ./ Form builder; Submit callback to save a category and redirect to list.
properties_admin_categories_add_another ./ Form builder; Submit callback to save a category and stay on form.
properties_admin_categories_delete ./ Form builder function; Provide a confirmation form to delete a category.
properties_admin_categories_delete_submit ./ Submit handler to delete a category.
properties_admin_categories_form ./ Form builder; Add/Edit form for categories.
properties_admin_categories_form_validate ./
properties_admin_categories_list ./ Menu callback; Display a list of categories.
properties_admin_categories_save ./ Form builder; Submit callback to save a category and redirect to list.
properties_admin_update_label_js ./
properties_attribute_delete ./properties.module Delete an attribute.
properties_attribute_load ./properties.module Load an attribute based on the name.
properties_attribute_load_multiple ./properties.module Load multiple attributes based on their names.
properties_attribute_load_paging ./properties.module Load a paged amount of attributes.
properties_attribute_save ./properties.module Save an attribute object.
properties_autocomplete_js ./properties.module Page callback for autocomplete suggestions.
properties_category_delete ./properties.module Delete an category.
properties_category_load ./properties.module Load an category based on the name.
properties_category_load_multiple ./properties.module Load multiple categories based on their names.
properties_category_load_paging ./properties.module Load a paged amount of categories.
properties_category_save ./properties.module Save an category object.
properties_compare_add_form properties_compare/properties_compare.module Form builder function; displays a form to add an entity to the compare list.
properties_compare_add_form_submit properties_compare/properties_compare.module Submit callback for add form.
properties_compare_block_info properties_compare/properties_compare.module Implements hook_block_info().
properties_compare_block_view properties_compare/properties_compare.module Implements hook_block_view().
properties_compare_create_key properties_compare/properties_compare.module Build a unique string key for the given entity.
properties_compare_delete properties_compare/ Page calllback to remove an entity from the list.
properties_compare_entity_info properties_compare/properties_compare.module Implements hook_entity_info().
properties_compare_entity_view properties_compare/properties_compare.module Implements hook_entity_view().
properties_compare_field_extra_fields properties_compare/properties_compare.module Implements hook_field_extras_fields().
properties_compare_filter_categories properties_compare/properties_compare.module Callback function to check if the categorie is used in more than one entity.
properties_compare_forms properties_compare/properties_compare.module Implements hook_forms().
properties_compare_is_comparable properties_compare/properties_compare.module Checks if two entites can be compared.
properties_compare_list properties_compare/properties_compare.module Returns the current compare list.
properties_compare_list_add properties_compare/properties_compare.module Add a new entity to the compare list.
properties_compare_list_clear properties_compare/properties_compare.module Clear the compare list.
properties_compare_list_delete properties_compare/properties_compare.module Delete an entity from the compare list.
properties_compare_list_exists properties_compare/properties_compare.module Checks if an entity is already in the compare list.


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