function theme_privatemsg_roles_format

7-1 privatemsg_roles.module theme_privatemsg_roles_format($variables)
7-2 privatemsg_roles.module theme_privatemsg_roles_format($variables)
6-2 privatemsg_roles.module theme_privatemsg_roles_format($role, $options = array())

Format a role to be displayed as a recipient.

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hook_privatemsg_recipient_type_info in ./privatemsg.api.php
This hook is used to tell privatemsg about the recipient types defined by a module. Each type consists of an array keyed by the internal recipient type name and the following keys must be defined.
privatemsg_roles_privatemsg_recipient_type_info in privatemsg_roles/privatemsg_roles.module
Implements hook_privatemsg_recipient_type_info().
privatemsg_roles_theme in privatemsg_roles/privatemsg_roles.module


privatemsg_roles/privatemsg_roles.module, line 102
Allows to send messages to all members of a role.


function theme_privatemsg_roles_format($variables) {
  $role = $variables['recipient'];
  $options = $variables['options'];
  if (!empty($options['plain'])) {
    $name = $role->name;
    if (!empty($options['unique'])) {
      $name .= ' [role]';
    return $name;
  return t('%role (role)', array('%role' => $role->name));