function privatemsg_roles_load_multiple

7-1 privatemsg_roles.module privatemsg_roles_load_multiple($rids)
7-2 privatemsg_roles.module privatemsg_roles_load_multiple($rids, $type)
6-2 privatemsg_roles.module privatemsg_roles_load_multiple($rids)

Load a number of roles based on their rid.

1 call to privatemsg_roles_load_multiple()
privatemsg_roles_write_access in privatemsg_roles/privatemsg_roles.module
Write permission check for roles recipients.
2 string references to 'privatemsg_roles_load_multiple'
hook_privatemsg_recipient_type_info in ./privatemsg.api.php
This hook is used to tell privatemsg about the recipient types defined by a module. Each type consists of an array keyed by the internal recipient type name and the following keys must be defined.
privatemsg_roles_privatemsg_recipient_type_info in privatemsg_roles/privatemsg_roles.module
Implements hook_privatemsg_recipient_type_info().


privatemsg_roles/privatemsg_roles.module, line 88
Allows to send messages to all members of a role.


function privatemsg_roles_load_multiple($rids, $type) {
  $result = db_query("SELECT name, rid AS recipient FROM {role} WHERE rid IN (:rids)", array(':rids' => $rids));

  $roles = array();
  foreach ($result as $role) {
    $role->type = 'role';
    $roles[privatemsg_recipient_key($role)] = $role;
  return $roles;