function privatemsg_filter_add_tags

1 privatemsg_filter.module privatemsg_filter_add_tags($threads, $tag_id, $account = NULL)
7-1 privatemsg_filter.module privatemsg_filter_add_tags($threads, $tag_ids, $account = NULL)
7-2 privatemsg_filter.module privatemsg_filter_add_tags($threads, $tag_ids, $account = NULL)
6-2 privatemsg_filter.module privatemsg_filter_add_tags($threads, $tag_ids, $account = NULL)

Tag one or multiple threads with a tag.


$threads A single thread id or an array of thread ids.:

$tag_id Id of the tag.:

6 calls to privatemsg_filter_add_tags()
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privatemsg_filter/privatemsg_filter.module, line 214
Allows users to tag private messages and to filter based upon those tags.


function privatemsg_filter_add_tags($threads, $tag_ids, $account = NULL) {
  if (!is_array($threads)) {
    $threads = array($threads);
  if (!is_array($tag_ids)) {
    $tag_ids = array($tag_ids);
  if (empty($account)) {
    global $user;
    $account = clone $user;
  foreach ($tag_ids as $tag_id) {
    foreach ($threads as $thread) {
      // Make sure that we don't add a tag to a thread twice,
      // only insert if there is no such tag yet.
      db_merge('pm_tags_index')->key(array('tag_id' => $tag_id, 'uid' => $account->uid, 'thread_id' => $thread))->execute();