function theme_privatemsg_new_block

1 theme_privatemsg_new_block($count)
7-1 theme_privatemsg_new_block($count)
7-2 theme_privatemsg_new_block($count)
6-2 theme_privatemsg_new_block($count)

Theme a block which displays the number of unread messages a user has.

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privatemsg_theme in ./privatemsg.module
_privatemsg_block_new in ./privatemsg.module


./, line 120
Theme functions for privatemsg.


function theme_privatemsg_new_block($count) {
  $count = $count['count'];
  if ($count == 0) {
    $text = t('Click here to go to your messages.');
  else {
    $text = format_plural($count, 'You have an unread message! Click here to read it.', 'You have @count unread messages! Click here to read them.');

  return l($text, 'messages', array('attributes' => array('id' => 'privatemsg-new-link')));