function privatemsg_set_setting

7-2 privatemsg.module privatemsg_set_setting($type, $id, $setting, $value)
6-2 privatemsg.module privatemsg_set_setting($type, $id, $setting, $value)
6 calls to privatemsg_set_setting()
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Convert the old table to privatemsg settings API.
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Implements hook_user_update().
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Tests for the privatemsg_*_setting() functions.
privatemsg_update_7201 in ./privatemsg.install
Migrate settings from {pm_disable} and delete table.

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./privatemsg.module, line 3462
Allows users to send private messages to other users.


function privatemsg_set_setting($type, $id, $setting, $value) {
  db_merge('pm_setting')->key(array('type' => $type, 'id' => $id, 'setting' => $setting))->fields(array('value' => $value))->execute();

  // Update static cache.
  $cache = &drupal_static('privatemsg_settings', array());
  $cache[$setting][$type][$id] = $value;