function privatemsg_recipient_get_types

7-1 privatemsg.module privatemsg_recipient_get_types()
7-2 privatemsg.module privatemsg_recipient_get_types()
6-2 privatemsg.module privatemsg_recipient_get_types()

Returns an array of defined recipient types.

Return value

Array of recipient types

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1 string reference to 'privatemsg_recipient_get_types'


./privatemsg.module, line 2516
Allows users to send private messages to other users.


function privatemsg_recipient_get_types() {
  $types = &drupal_static(__FUNCTION__, NULL);

  if ($types === NULL) {
    $types = module_invoke_all('privatemsg_recipient_type_info');
    if (!is_array($types)) {
      $types = array();
    drupal_alter('privatemsg_recipient_type_info', $types);
    uasort($types, 'element_sort');
  return $types;