Generic Hooks

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Some generic hooks that can't be categorized.


./privatemsg.api.php, line 300
Privatemsg API Documentation


Namesort ascending Location Description
hook_privatemsg_view_template ./privatemsg.api.php List of possible templates.
hook_privatemsg_view_alter ./privatemsg.api.php Add content to the view thread page.
hook_privatemsg_thread_operations ./privatemsg.api.php Expose operations/actions which can be executed on threads.
hook_privatemsg_message_status_deleted ./privatemsg.api.php Allows response to a deleted change.
hook_privatemsg_message_status_changed ./privatemsg.api.php Allows response to a status change.
hook_privatemsg_block_message ./privatemsg.api.php Check if the author can send a message to the recipients.