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There are two different functions to send messages. Either by starting a new thread or reply to an existing thread.

There is also a function which returns a link to the privatemsg new message form with the recipient pre-filled if the user is allowed to. privatemsg_get_link().


./privatemsg.api.php, line 212
Privatemsg API Documentation


Namesort descending Location Description
privatemsg_get_link ./privatemsg.module Returns a link to send message form for a specific users.
privatemsg_message_change_delete ./privatemsg.module Delete or restore a message.
privatemsg_message_load ./privatemsg.module Load a single message.
privatemsg_message_load_multiple ./privatemsg.module Load multiple messages.
privatemsg_new_thread ./privatemsg.module Send a new message.
privatemsg_reply ./privatemsg.module Send a reply message
privatemsg_thread_load ./privatemsg.module Load a thread with all the messages and participants.
privatemsg_unread_count ./privatemsg.module Return number of unread messages for an account.
privatemsg_user_access ./privatemsg.module Privatemsg wrapper for user_access.
privatemsg_view_access ./privatemsg.module Check access to the view messages page.