function hook_privatemsg_message_status_deleted

7-2 privatemsg.api.php hook_privatemsg_message_status_deleted($mid, $deleted, $account)

Allows response to a deleted change.

Modules implementing this hook should be aware that messages are only marked as deleted and not removed from the database. They will only eventually be deleted by the flushing.

Therefore, modules should not delete data in this hook but in hook_privatemsg_message_flush().


$mid: Message id.

$deleted: TRUE when the message was marked as deleted, FALSE when marked as not deleted.

$account: User object, if NULL then the message was marked as deleted for all users.

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privatemsg_message_change_delete in ./privatemsg.module
Delete or restore a message.
privatemsg_thread_change_delete in ./privatemsg.module
Delete or restore one or multiple threads.


./privatemsg.api.php, line 417
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function hook_privatemsg_message_status_deleted($mid, $deleted, $account) {