function pm_block_user_query_privatemsg_autocomplete_alter

7-1 pm_block_user.module pm_block_user_query_privatemsg_autocomplete_alter($query)
7-2 pm_block_user.module pm_block_user_query_privatemsg_autocomplete_alter($query)

Implements hook_query_TAG_alter().

Remove blocked users.


pm_block_user/pm_block_user.module, line 364
Allows users to block other users from sending them any messages


function pm_block_user_query_privatemsg_autocomplete_alter($query) {
  global $user;

  // Assume the users don't have blocked more than a few dozen other users
  // but there can be hundreds of thousands of users and make the subquery
  // unrelated.

  // Create a subquery that gets all users which have blocked the current user.
  $blocked = db_select('pm_block_user', 'pmbu')->fields('pmbu', array('recipient'))->condition('', $user->uid);

  // Exclude these from the possible recipients.
  $query->condition('u.uid', $blocked, 'NOT IN');

  // Block role configurations.
  if ($user->uid != 1) {
    $rids = array();
    $block_actions = variable_get('pm_block_user_actions', array());
    foreach ($block_actions as $details) {
      // Only continue if the rule is enabled and is a disallow sending rule.
      if ($details['action'] != PM_BLOCK_USER_DISALLOW_SENDING || !$details['enabled']) {
      // The author (current user) does have a matching role.
      if (isset($user->roles[$details['author']])) {
        // authenticated user role is not stored in the database but all users
        // have it so there can be no valid recipients. Add a condition that is
        // always false and bail out because no other rules need to be checked.
        if ($details['recipient'] == DRUPAL_AUTHENTICATED_RID) {
          $query->addExpression('1 = 0');
        // Keep role id, will be added to the query later on.
        $rids[] = $details['recipient'];
    // If there are any, add role limitation to the query.
    if (!empty($rids)) {
      $join_alias = $query->leftJoin('users_roles', 'ur', 'u.uid = ur.uid');
      $query->condition(db_or()->condition($join_alias . '.rid', $rids, 'NOT IN')->isNull($join_alias . '.rid'));