function pm_block_user_js

1 pm_block_user.module pm_block_user_js()
7-1 pm_block_user_js($form, $form_state)
7-2 pm_block_user_js($form, $form_state)
6-2 pm_block_user_js()

Menu callback for AHAH handling.

3 string references to 'pm_block_user_js'
pm_block_user_menu in pm_block_user/pm_block_user.module
Implements hook_menu().
pm_block_user_settings in pm_block_user/
Menu callback for blocked user settings.
_pm_block_user_actions_form in pm_block_user/
Builds row of sending, receiving roles and actions that go with them.


pm_block_user/, line 119
Administration menu callbacks for pm_block_user.module.


function pm_block_user_js($form, $form_state) {
  return drupal_render($form['block_actions']);