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Namesort descending Description
API functions There are two different functions to send messages. Either by starting a new thread or reply to an existing thread.
Generic Hooks Some generic hooks that can't be categorized.
Message hooks All message-level hooks look like hook_privatemsg_message_op, where op is one of the following:
Query Builder Privatemsg does use its own simple query builder which allows to extend SELECT-Queries in an easy way. The function _privatemsg_assemble_query creates the query, based on an array $fragments with the following content. Except primary_table, each key…
Theming documentation It is possible to theme many aspect of privatemsg with theme functions.
Types of recipients It is possible to define other types of recipients than the usual single user. These types are defined through a hook and a few callbacks and are stored in the {pm_index} table for each recipient entry.

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