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Namesort descending Location Description
_pm_block_user_access pm_block_user/pm_block_user.module Provides access argument for blocking user menu item.
_pm_block_user_actions_form pm_block_user/ Builds row of sending, receiving roles and actions that go with them.
_pm_block_user_rule_exists pm_block_user/pm_block_user.module Checks whether a rule exists for a given author, recipient and action.
_pm_block_user_settings_filter pm_block_user/ Takes an array of settings and filters out anything that's un-needed. Leaving only settings to be saved.
_pm_email_notify_only_user pm_email_notify/pm_email_notify.module Checks if a user should only be notified when addressed directly.
_pm_email_notify_send_check pm_email_notify/pm_email_notify.module Retrieve notification setting of a user and check if they should receive an e-mail notification for a message.
_pm_email_notify_show_sender pm_email_notify/pm_email_notify.module Checks if a message author wants his email address as a sender.
_pm_email_notify_source_text pm_email_notify/pm_email_notify.module Retrieves the default text for body and subject texts.
_pm_email_notify_user_level pm_email_notify/pm_email_notify.module Retrieve notification level of a user.
_privatemsg_action_form ./ Returns a form which handles and displays thread actions.
_privatemsg_assemble_query ./privatemsg.module Generates a query based on a query id.
_privatemsg_block_menu ./privatemsg.module
_privatemsg_block_new ./privatemsg.module
_privatemsg_delete_data ./privatemsg.module Delete all message data from a user.
_privatemsg_format_participants ./privatemsg.module Format an array of user objects.
_privatemsg_form_base_fields ./ Returns the common fields of the reply and new form.
_privatemsg_generate_user_array ./privatemsg.module Generate array of user objects based on a string.
_privatemsg_get_allowed_recipients ./ Check if the current user is allowed to write these recipients.
_privatemsg_groups_get_group_recipient_type privatemsg_groups/privatemsg_groups.module Given a group entity type, return the recipient type name.
_privatemsg_groups_get_group_type privatemsg_groups/privatemsg_groups.module Given a group recipient type name, return the group entity type.
_privatemsg_groups_is_group_recipient_type privatemsg_groups/privatemsg_groups.module Given a recipient type name, check to see if it is a group recipient type.
_privatemsg_handle_recipients ./privatemsg.module Handle the non-user recipients of a new message.
_privatemsg_limits_get_amount privatemsg_limits/privatemsg_limits.module Loads the maximum value of a threshold value, takes roles into account.
_privatemsg_limits_get_oldest privatemsg_limits/privatemsg_limits.module Loads the oldest message a user has written in the specified timeframe.
_privatemsg_limits_get_received privatemsg_limits/privatemsg_limits.module Returns the number of messages/threads a user has received.
_privatemsg_limits_get_sent privatemsg_limits/privatemsg_limits.module Returns the number of messages/threads a user has written.
_privatemsg_limits_role_override_form privatemsg_limits/ Provides a generic rules form to override the default values.
_privatemsg_list_thread ./privatemsg.module Formats all rows (#options) in the privatemsg tableselect thread list.
_privatemsg_load_thread_participants ./privatemsg.module Load all participants of a thread.
_privatemsg_parse_userstring ./privatemsg.module Extract the valid usernames of a string and loads them.
_privatemsg_send ./privatemsg.module Internal function to save a message.
_privatemsg_validate_message ./privatemsg.module


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