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pm_block_user.css pm_block_user/pm_block_user.css #pm-block-user-settings .sticky-header { /* Stop the remove button overlapping the sticky header */ z-index: 10; } #pm-block-user-settings .throbber { margin: 4px 0; } #add-rule-button, #remove-rule-button { height: 45px; /* Stop the remove… pm_block_user/ name = Block user messages description = Allows users to block other users from sending them messages. package = Mail core = 6.x dependencies[] = privatemsg
pm_block_user.install pm_block_user/pm_block_user.install Install file for pm_block_user.module
pm_block_user.module pm_block_user/pm_block_user.module Allows users to block other users from sending them any messages
pm_block_user.test pm_block_user/pm_block_user.test Test file for pm_block_user.module pm_email_notify/ name = Privatemsg Email Notification description = Notifies users about new Private Messages via Email. package = Mail core = 6.x dependencies[] = privatemsg
pm_email_notify.install pm_email_notify/pm_email_notify.install This file takes care of creating/deletig pm_email_notify table used for storing user notification preferences
pm_email_notify.module pm_email_notify/pm_email_notify.module Notifies users about new Private Messages via Email.
privatemsg-list.css styles/privatemsg-list.css .privatemsg-unread .privatemsg-list-subject { font-weight: bold; } .privatemsg-unread .privatemsg-list-subject .marker { font-weight: lighter; } .privatemsg-list-count { text-align: center; } .privatemsg-list-subject { min-width:…
privatemsg-recipients.css styles/privatemsg-recipients.css .message-participants { border-bottom : 1px solid #C5C5C5; margin : 0 0 0 250px; }
privatemsg-recipients.tpl.php privatemsg-recipients.tpl.php
privatemsg-view.css styles/privatemsg-view.css .privatemsg-box-fb { text-align : left; } .left-column { float : left; width : 100px; } .privatemsg-box-fb .avatar-fb { margin : 5px; text-align : center; } .privatemsg-box-fb .picture { float : none; padding : 0…
privatemsg-view.tpl.php privatemsg-view.tpl.php
privatemsg.api.php privatemsg.api.php Privatemsg API Documentation Provides a preprocess function to integrate Privatemsg with Author Pane. name = Private messages description = Allow private messages between users. package = Mail core = 6.x
privatemsg.install privatemsg.install Install file for privatemsg.module
privatemsg.module privatemsg.module Allows users to send private messages to other users.
privatemsg.test privatemsg.test Test file for privatemsg.module Theme functions for privatemsg. views/ Provide views data and handlers for privatemsg.module
privatemsgapi.test tests/privatemsgapi.test Privatemsg API tests privatemsg_filter/ Admin menu callbacks for privatemsg_filter module.
privatemsg_filter.css privatemsg_filter/privatemsg_filter.css form#privatemsg-filter-dropdown #edit-author-wrapper, form#privatemsg-filter-dropdown #edit-tags-wrapper { float: left; margin-right: 3em; } form#privatemsg-filter-dropdown #privatemsg-filter-buttons { clear: left; } privatemsg_filter/ name = Privatemsg filter description = Allow users to filter messages using tags or other criteria. package = Mail core = 6.x dependencies[] = privatemsg
privatemsg_filter.install privatemsg_filter/privatemsg_filter.install install file for privatemsg_filter
privatemsg_filter.module privatemsg_filter/privatemsg_filter.module Allows users to tag private messages and to filter based upon those tags.
privatemsg_filter.test privatemsg_filter/privatemsg_filter.test views/ Contains the privatemsg link views field handler.

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