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command.txt modules/monitoring_munin/config_tpl/command.txt #!/bin/bash NAME=@name # Make sure the drush path, root and uri are correct. # DRUSH="/path/to/drush --root=@root --uri=@uri monitoring-munin" # Alternatively with sudo # # DRUSH="sudo -u www_user /path/to/drush --root=@root…
command.txt modules/monitoring_icinga/config_tpl/command.txt define command{ command_name check_drupal command_line $USER1$/check_nrpe -H $HOSTNAME$ -c check_$ARG1$ -a $ARG2$ } define command{ command_name service_is_stale command_line $USER1$/check_dummy 2 "CRITICAL: Service results…
DisabledSensorException.php lib/Drupal/monitoring/Sensor/DisabledSensorException.php Drupal\monitoring\Sensor Contains \Drupal\monitoring\Sensor\DisabledSensorException.
host.txt modules/monitoring_icinga/config_tpl/host.txt ; Host @host definition define host{ use generic-host host_name @host alias @host address @ip } Admin page/form callbacks.
monitoring.api.php monitoring.api.php Monitoring API documentation.
monitoring.api.test test/tests/monitoring.api.test Contains \MonitoringApiTest.
monitoring.base.test test/tests/monitoring.base.test Contains \MonitoringTestBase.
monitoring.commerce.test test/tests/monitoring.commerce.test Contains \MonitoringCommerceTest.
monitoring.core.test test/tests/monitoring.core.test Contains \MonitoringCoreTest.
monitoring.css monitoring.css table#monitoring-sensors-overview { clear: both; } table#monitoring-sensors-overview tr td { padding: 10px 8px 8px; } table#monitoring-sensors-overview tr td.status, table#monitoring-sensors-overview tr th.status { text-align: center; … Drush support for monitoring.
monitoring.elysia.test test/tests/monitoring.elysia.test Contains \MonitoringElysiaTest. name = Monitoring description = Monitoring base. package = Monitoring core = 7.x dependencies[] = entity dependencies[] = views dependencies[] = xautoload test_dependencies[] = dblog test_dependencies[] = search_api test_dependencies[] =…
monitoring.install monitoring.install Monitoring base install file.
monitoring.module monitoring.module Monitoring bootstrap file. Define default sensors for core and contrib modules.
monitoring.search_api.test test/tests/monitoring.search_api.test Contains \MonitoringSearchAPITest. Monitoring remote API resource callbacks. test/tests/ Contains \MonitoringServicesTest. Set up dependencies for demo and tests.
monitoring.simplenews.test test/tests/monitoring.simplenews.test Contains \MonitoringSimplenewsTest.
monitoring.ui.test test/tests/monitoring.ui.test Contains \MonitoringUITest. Default views for monitoring admin UI. test/ name = Monitoring Demo description = Monitoring integration. package = Monitoring core = 7.x hidden = TRUE dependencies[] = search_api_db dependencies[] = monitoring
monitoring_demo.install test/monitoring_demo.install Install file of the monitoring_demo module.
monitoring_demo.module test/monitoring_demo.module Bootstrap file of the monitoring_demo module. modules/monitoring_icinga/ Monitoring Icinga admin pages. modules/monitoring_icinga/ Drush integration for monitoring_icinga.module. modules/monitoring_icinga/ name = Monitoring Nagios description = Monitoring Nagios integration. package = Monitoring core = 7.x dependencies[] = monitoring
monitoring_icinga.module modules/monitoring_icinga/monitoring_icinga.module Monitoring Nagios module bootstrap file. modules/monitoring_munin/ Monitoring munin admin pages.
monitoring_munin.api.php modules/monitoring_munin/monitoring_munin.api.php Munin API. modules/monitoring_munin/ modules/monitoring_munin/ name = Monitoring Munin description = Monitoring Munin integration. package = Monitoring core = 7.x dependencies[] = monitoring files[] = monitoring_munin.test
monitoring_munin.install modules/monitoring_munin/monitoring_munin.install Monitoring munin install file.
monitoring_munin.module modules/monitoring_munin/monitoring_munin.module Monitoring Munin module bootstrap file.
monitoring_munin.test modules/monitoring_munin/monitoring_munin.test Monitoring munin tests. test/ test/ Default services import definition. test/ name = Monitoring Test description = Monitoring base test module. package = Monitoring core = 7.x hidden = TRUE dependencies[] = monitoring
monitoring_test.install test/monitoring_test.install Monitoring test installation.
monitoring_test.module test/monitoring_test.module Monitoring test bootstrap file.
NonExistingSensorException.php lib/Drupal/monitoring/Sensor/NonExistingSensorException.php Drupal\monitoring\Sensor Contains \Drupal\monitoring\Sensor\NonExistingSensorException.
nrpe_local.txt modules/monitoring_icinga/config_tpl/nrpe_local.txt ; Means to be "allow the master to send additional command args via '-a' which ; you should enable (potential security risk). ; dont_blame_nrpe=1 ; Change to the IP address of the machine where the Icinga runs. ; allowed_hosts=@ip ;…
README.txt README.txt CONTENTS OF THIS FILE ===================== * Introduction * Features * Requirements * Installation INTRODUCTION ============ Monitoring provides a sensor interface where a sensor can monitor a specific metric or a process in the Drupal…
README.txt modules/monitoring_munin/README.txt CONTENTS OF THIS FILE ===================== * Introduction * Features * Requirements * Installation INTRODUCTION ============ This module provides an integration to Munin (, allowing to expose sensor data as…
README.txt modules/monitoring_icinga/README.txt CONTENTS OF THIS FILE ===================== * Introduction * Features * Requirements * Installation INTRODUCTION ============ This module provides an integration to Icinga ( reporting tools. It can also be used also…
Sensor.php lib/Drupal/monitoring/Sensor/Sensor.php Drupal\monitoring\Sensor Contains \Drupal\monitoring\Sensor\Sensor.
SensorCommerceTurnover.php lib/Drupal/monitoring/Sensor/Sensors/SensorCommerceTurnover.php Drupal\monitoring\Sensor\Sensors Contains \Drupal\monitoring\Sensor\Sensors\SensorCommerceTurnover.


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